It all began in 2008...


Two friends with a dream came together to create something that was out of the norm for the large format printing industry. They bridged the gap between marketers, creatives, printers, and installers by uniting them all underneath one roof. Seamless Wraps. The rest as they say is history.

However, that isn’t WHO we are. It’s how we came to be. Who we are is actually a small group of passionate individuals, bound together by a common purpose to do great work. Working tirelessly to develop great ideas and see them flawlessly executed. We are constantly inspired by our founders to be kind, honest, responsible, and the best at what we do.


We might be small team, but we are mighty


Eric Rodriguez

Eric is one of Seamless Wrap's co-founders. Born in New York and raised in New England, his sports team preferences are a complicated topic. He has over 20 years of graphic design experience and focuses on making creative visions into reality. On the rare occasion that he is not in his office working and singing Disney songs, he is at home with his wife and two lovely daughters. 




Ray Babilonia

Ray is Seamless's other co-founder. He is the person who makes all of our wild ideas come to life. Well versed in all things production and install related, he focuses on the technical aspects of things. He can often be found checking in on all things fantasy football, and we're pretty sure he's the actual mastermind behind the disappearance of Tom Brady's jersey. He was probably going to give it to the Giants- what a traitor. 


                 Andria Faiella                   Sales & Marketing

Andria handles sales and marketing at Seamless. She loves investigating each location and finding new ways to target clients, but if you're looking for something whimsical and fun- she's your go-to girl. She orders her coffee with more sugar than coffee, owns too many bunny themed office accessories, and has probably touched glitter within the last 24 hours.